The Week In Grey.
(A Dark Poetry Review.)

Well met poets, and readers alike.

This will be a weekly blog segment pertaining to my
favorite online community, DarkPoetry.com.
First, a brief intro to who I am and why I bother
to take the time to write these blogs and reviews.

My name is Matt, but please call me Zabz. I have been a member of
DarkPoetry.com since Jan. 2004, and have been very active
for about 5 1/2 years of my membership. I've seen many
great underground poets come and go, some both great poets
and great people. I've posted under a few alias' and have made
a handful of valuble relationships via poetry on this site. Each week
I hope to bring some insight into some of the more notable
highlights in poetry, graphic art and new members in the community.

DarkPoetry.com has served as a haven and sacred ground to thousands
of poets and troubled souls over it's 10 year + existence.

Despite my opinionated views of certian styles of poetry and poets within
the community, I assure you that I will remain objective in my criticisms
and reviews.

Each week I plan to do the following with this segment:

+ A top 10 work list by the week.
+ A spotlight review on one artist week each, and a full on interview once a month.
+ Highlight any notable new member poets.


Let's get to it.

The Top 10

1."the number of birds along my spine"-saintedmad
2. "the strangled silver light of morning"-snowdrop
5."night song"-blue
6."skeleton key"-kinkifrog
7."ache"-Miss Dahlia
8."Her Soul Moves The Moon"-carlosjackal
10. "Persimmon.Tears"-Inara


The Grey Limelight.


One of my very favorite poets/artists on DarkPoetry.com

This total package artist needs no introduction. She single handedly
carries the weight of a million drowned souls within her words and
beautifully bleak photography. Like many other poets in the community
saintedmad peaks during certain times of the year, so if you are a winter
bound soul, you will surely find some weight in her other worldly words.

Her style of formating both her words and works alone is noteworthy
enough, let alone stacking it thick with metaphor and an ambient voice
that carries whoever reads her poetry into a place both cold and

Despite her insanely prolific posting, she maintains an outstanding
standard of quality within her works, both poetic and graphic.


An quick pick that WILL NOT leave you disappointed.


That concludes this Week In Grey, be well and happy reading.



Anonymous said...

Intriguing! I've been a DP member only since last summer and I've read some great poets there and many works that have touched me or given me food for thought. I'd love to see what and who has impressed you in your 5 1/2 years of membership :)

Anonymous said...

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