The Week In Grey.
(2/4/11 - 2/10/11)
A Dark Poetry Review.

Welcome again, dark poets and other souls wandering
the dark corners of the net. It has been a slow
and long week at DarkPoetry.com. Whether it's been the
daunting arctic blasts that have swept the entire country,
or just a simple dry spell, sorting through the works list
has been some what of a challenge lately. However, as
many member's of the community will attest, much
of the wonder and excitement surrounding the site is
" pan handling" for works and new favorite poets.

Although the pickin's have been slim, I've put together a
very diverse Top 10 that should hold you over until the
gold standard rises back to it's usual level.


The Top 10

1. "Silent overture, prelude to a temptress rising"- Leith Plunkett
2. "Broken glass"-Lavenia
3. "Hope Thief"- Ainsof
4. "rimjob and reindeer"- theDefiantWon
5. "where"- saintedmad
6. ". . crypt.ography. ."- NikesRain
7. "Screaming Wonderful"- Drea
8. "Time"- Poe Etiquette
9. "brackets like boomerangs and aderation for sobering sirens"-AtlaS
10. "Untitled VIII"- Ascian


The Grey Limelight.

-jon Lyndon-

DarkPoetry.com swarms with dozens of new members and poems each and every day, but no more than a dozen of those spirits who have lingered since near the time of its inception have maintained such a high level of influence, respect and mysticism as jon Lyndon.

jon Lyndon, formerly and prominently known as Bakkhus Unbound, is a poetic powerhouse that has caught the eye of nearly every other notable dark poet at one point in time, and has landed himself on too many member's bookmarks to count
during his near 13 year membership. Lyndon's work definitely leans
towards the more complex and free verse side of poetry.

His poems are stacked high with unique imagery, alluring allusions, and everything in between. Given the complexity and skill level of his work, you must take time to savor and digest the words. There is no way anyone could skim over his work and get even an ounce of the satisfaction than comes from taking the time to wrap your mind around it and let all the imagery and metaphors sink in.

To jon Lyndon's potential new audience I would like to offer the
following advice. Either be a diversely cultured reader or prepare to
spend a lot of time in the dictionary and on wikipedia. His work is loaded with allusion, which means he makes a lot of references to other literature and or artist's work.

No matter which category you fall into I can assure you
that you will find something within his massive porfolio
that will leave your jaw dropped on the floor in awe.

jon Lyndon, old spirit, old favorite.



The Rising Dark.

In the past few weeks I haven't noticed too much out of the
ordinary in the way of new members, however that doesn't
mean they aren't there, they just may not have posted yet.

I would like however to shed a little light on some members
who have joined within the past few months that I feel are
noteworthy and you might find a bit interesting too.

Poe Etiquette-

More of a traditionally versed poet with a heavy emphasis
of meter, rhyme and structure within his work.


A very abstract poet who seems to write in a trend to his
own current events as well as DarkPoetry.com events. He's
stirred the pot a bit and has earned himself a small following


Well, I hope I have given you some valuable highlights and opened
your eyes to some awesome new poems and artists, lets hope next
week brings us a more plentiful array of new work. Regardless
of whatever happens I'll be here same day (Thursday), same place.

Next week will feature my first interview with one of the
most cherished and respected poets at DarkPoetry.com. She
has one of the interesting stories and some of the most awesome
poetry the site has to offer. I hope you'll stop by and take a peek
to find out who I am so excited to share a more in depth moment with.

I'm Zabz and this concludes this Week In Grey.

Be well and stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for recommending one of my works (it's Drea). ...and your write up on Jon,...I adore his work. It's nice to see others appreciating him and his work as well.