An Interview With a Lusty Spike

“SpikedwithLust” originally joined DP when she was 15 at a friend’s recommendation. We know her as “Lusty”, “Spikey”, “Lust O Spike” and a few other names.

Opklot: What sign are you?

SpikedwithLust: Libra, the sign of balance … supposedly I’m gregarious.

Opklot: Tell me about some of your influences.

SpikedwithLust: I really got into Bukowski this past summer. His stuff is kinda’ stark and dark, but really about the real things in love.

I had two great English teachers in high school that helped me "perfect" my writing …9th grade and 12 grade, the beginning and the end. They taught me to be succinct.

My 9th grade English teacher gave me a greater appreciation for grammar and sentence structure all that good stuff….and my 12th grade teacher taught me to be analytical of works. Both of these tools I use when I write.

Opklot: You have a few writes on the Dark Poetry site that I really wanted to ask about.

SpikedwithLust: Ok.

Opklot: What time period did you create the work titled “Asphalt Memories”?

SpikedwithLust: I was on winter break during my freshman year of college, so I was 18. It’s about a friend and all the things I admire about her and sort of see in myself. She’s the one, who really got me writing and I’m sort of in awe of her, but she always seemed to have this...space I guess you could call it between her and other people, I just wanted to capture some of that. It’s more like we were the same in a way, the sort of space we had between ourselves and other people, but it was just more apparent with her. I could see some of myself in her.

Opklot: It almost appears as though you also saw a few things that you wish you had, but don’t?

SpikedwithLust: There is level of admiration for this person, I mean her work is outstanding and she's pretty outstanding herself. In her isolation, if that’s what you want to call it, she became more wanted. You know people always want what they can’t have and are always curious about the unknown. I think that distance she had gave her this quality.

Opklot: "all i have are asphalt memories and the crumpled dragonflies she left in my hand" ....What does this mean?

SpikedwithLust: well those were two of her former DP (Dark Poetry) names
“asphalt memories” and “crumpled dragonflies”. I wanted it to be about her. One of my friends said it sounded as if she had written it, but I’m not sure it’s my usual style. She always wrote about the faerie and gods and things like that. It’s just who she is.

Opklot: Do you not see her much anymore? ....as you wrote ... "and sadly
i’ve lost touch with my youth
she doesn't come around as often"

SpikedwithLust: At that point in time, I didn’t. We had sort of drifted apart, especially with me going off to college, but we're pretty good friends again now.

Opklot: That is great! ....sounds like a nice friend to have.... she sounds like a very special person.

SpikedwithLust: She’s awesome…. same one that got me to join DP.

Opklot: Well, if she reads this, I must say “thank you” to her, because I personally think that I would have missed a great author if you hadn’t come around!

Opklot: Tell me about your write called “courting ghosts”.

SpikedwithLust: I wrote this because for some reason the phrase courting ghosts popped in my head. It’s weird the things that pop into my head. The phrase just sort of reminded me of sad lovers. I felt bad writing it though, because I feel like I always write about the same things.

Opklot: "waiflike, i dance
between the cracks in our foundation,
sway in the spaces amongst the has-been and the never-was."
Tell me about this part.

SpikedwithLust: In my mind, I think of a waif as a thin person, so, someone small enough to fit in those minute spaces. It’s usually a collection of small things that cause a relationship to fail, like the small cracks in the foundation of a building. Just one won’t cause it to tumble.

Opklot: What does the part about the "sandbox love affair" mean?

SpikedwithLust: I thought about the simplicity and the brevity of childhood romances. I just pictured a little boy and a little girl at the playground, playing in the sandbox. I feel as if the world of a child is quite small in that way; confined to the sandbox.

Opklot: Tell me about the part that reads "like we end when the sun goes down."

SpikedwithLust: That refers to two things I guess. Going back to the sandbox …. When we're children, it’s as if the world doesn’t exist after dark. When it gets dark, its time to go in, play time is over. The second part has to do with the shadows. Shadows are formed when an object obstructs the light. So, in true darkness there are no shadows.

Opklot: Why did you rewrite “courting ghosts”?

SpikedwithLust: I was unsatisfied with the first version. It didn’t flow the way I wanted. It seemed to jump to the last two stanzas in a weird way and the ending seemed abrupt to me, almost like it was unfinished, so, I felt like I needed to add some smoother transitions.

Opklot: how much does your write titled “theophilus” have to do with the biblical aspect?

SpikedwithLust: I was reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, when the inspiration for the poem hit. I kept repeating to myself for a couple days "im searching for god in lowly places" and writing it over and over. I felt kinda crazy. I decided that it was gonna have something to do with god, but I didn’t know it would become as extended as it did. It’s kind of a long piece for me.

Opklot: Tell me what you meant by "they say, the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us",
You start it off with "they say". That’s a bit less emphatic than the people who proclaim it. Tell me about it.

SpikedwithLust: I quoted from the bible and I guess it’s kind of important that this part of the poem came somewhere in the middle of my writing the piece. I guess in a way its a part of my style. I often start poems in a similar way. I wanted to connect it more. Once I decided I was going to have all biblical/religious type metaphors and images, it was important to me to have something from the bible. I could have easily started at "tonight" but I also admire poets who use allusions.

There are plenty of ways one could rearrange the piece, I suppose. I just felt it was an appropriate opening; it sort of sets in place the whole notion of divinity of the flesh. I guess I also like the idea of Jesus as the word too…. divine flesh...divine words. I had a talk awhile back about divine love and what it is to love god in a romantic sense.

Opklot: You go on to say "so tonight, i am searching for god in lowly places," ....that was the reference to C S Lewis? ......were you actually doing a soul search at that time?

SpikedwithLust: I’m glad you ask, because I really was. I read “Mere Christianity” two summers before and it really changed me. It made Christianity seem so simple to me; something so complex made so simple. I love Lewis forever for that.

Opklot: A lot of people know Lewis for "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe", but it seems as though only a handful know of "Mere Christianity". People usually skip this piece. Why do you think that is; and further, what was your actual prompt to read it in the first place?

SpikedwithLust: I actually never read any of the “Narnia” books. I think a lot of people today just don’t know about Lewis’s adult works. The children books are what he's known for. I just recently learned that Lewis wrote poetry. I decided to read it because a friend of mine read a group of Lewis’s adult literature for his senior project and presented to our class. I found it interesting, plus, I’m just curious.

Opklot: There appears to be a bit of sensuality thrown into this piece. Is that right?

SpikedwithLust: Yeah, it is a bit sexual … lol …it’s kinda’ cloaked.

To catch the rest of “SpikedwithLust” and her writing, you’ll need to go to Dark Poetry and start reading or she might be found in the chat area also. There are also forums that you can join to discuss in depth topics.

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